Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

June 4, 2013

Updated Road Closure Report

Steve Woodhouse

Marion County — The Marion County Secondary Road Department has released an unpdated list of road closures. 

They are as follows:

Weather Related Road Closings

Kennedy St (West of S71)

115th Pl North of Illinois Dr.

160th Ave (N. of Jersey)

Coolidge St (W of 25th Pl)

County Line Road West of 200th

200th between County Line and Beardsley

Beardsley between 190th and 200th

Beardsley West of 40th

Elk Horn South of Dubuque

Dubuque (West of 160th)

Dakota St (W of 120th)

Briggs St (E of 60th)

Beardsley St (West of 35th Pl)

Fillmore Dr (West of 167th)

100th Ave (South of Nevada)

Dubuque St (West of 40th)

92nd Ave (North of Nevada)

170th Pl South of Vermont Dr.