Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

November 6, 2012

Marion County election results

Steve Woodhouse

Marion County — Marion County election results are in, but we are still waiting on results from other counties to give results of the statehouse races. Here's how things went in Marion County on this Election Night. 

In House District 28, Greg Heartsill defeated Megan Suhr among Marion County 5,286-4,963. In House District 79, Guy Vander Linden took his portion of the County from Chris Wilson, 5,066-1,596.

Dick Schrad of Knoxville (D) lost Marion County to Republican Amy Sinclair 5,400-4,780. In District 40, Ken Rozenboom won 4,184-2,657. 

Marion County selected Republicans in national races as well. In Congressional District 2, John Archer won Marion County 9,356 over Dave Loebsack's 7,213. Mitt Romney won Marion County 9,810 over Barack obama's 7,478.

We'll bring you more results as they come in.