Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

September 3, 2013

Pleasantville's Daggett designs festival poster


Des Moines — If you are going to Des Moines this weekend for the Latino Heritage Festival, the official poster for the event was designed by a Marion County artist. 

A design by Stephanie Daggett of Pleasantville was selected from over 60 entries from college and university students throughout the state. Daggett is currently attending Grand View University. 

Every spring at Grand View, JoAnn Mackey with the Latino Heritage Festival visits the Business of Graphic Design class. The class is then split into groups  and each groups' mission is to find a design solution for the festival. 

Each student is also responsible for making their own individual poster. Then, JoAnn returns to the class and students present their work to her. She collects all our posters and brochures and takes them back to the festival committee. 

“I used the colors on the Latino Heritage Festival website as inspiration,” Daggett told the Journal-Express. “I was starting to experiment with Typography at the time and wanted to try something different. So, I created the shape of South America out of the names of each Latin American country.”

This was the first time she had entered the contest. She said she thought it would be “cool” to be able to represent Grand View with her poster, if she won. 

“I actually found inspiration pretty quickly,” Daggett said. “Once I had the idea, it only took a few hours to design. The hard part was making sure the typography was spaced out perfectly. That part took several hours, since attention to detail was so important.”

Even in elementary and middle school, art classes were always her favorite. It took her a while to find her path in college because she has so many interests. 

“At one point I wanted to go into Event Planning and at another point I wanted to go into Interior Design. Then I finally settled on Graphic and Web Design and Journalism. I transferred from Stephens College in Columbia Missouri my Sophomore year to Grand View, where I declared a major in Graphic Journalism and Web Design. Then I studied web design and graphic design in Florence, Italy my junior year of college. Renaissance art is some of my favorite and Florence really stole my heart!” she said. 

Daggett is currently a web designer at EDJE Technologies in Indianola. She just won Design of the Year and Rookie of the Year. 

“Designing is a way for me to express inner feelings that I can't put words to. There's nothing like creating something that brings other people joy,” Daggett said. 

Iowa’s Latino Heritage Festival has been one of the most widely attended cultural events in Iowa for more than a decade. It draws thousands to Des Moines each year. This year’s event will take place Sept. 7 and 8 on Walnut and Locust streets bridges in downtown Des Moines.

The festival includes various musical entertainment, dancers, martial arts performers, a children’s area, Latin American foods, booths about the countries represented at the festival and more.

The winning poster is based on several criteria, which include presentation of color, whether the design could be used on billboards and other materials, and how well the poster takes into account the diversity of the Latino community, Mackey said. The festival honors more 22 Latin-American countries from North, Central and South Americas, the Caribbean and Europe.

Festival board members and a local graphic artist select the poster contest winner. The idea for the contest originated more than a decade ago from a former board member who was a graphic artist.

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