Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

April 1, 2013

Twin brothers earn pilot’s licenses on their birthday

The Chronicle

PELLA — Birthdays are usually about what you receive and who you're with, not what you've earned. But, then, Dan and Josh Fredrickson aren't typical.

Most teens their age don't have the training to fly themselves around the state.

The Fredrickson brothers earned their pilots licenses and received them on their birthday. The twins have leap day birthdays so, while they're 17, getting anything on their birthday isn't all that common,

Student pilots become eligible for their licenses when they turn 17, which means the Fredrickson brothers received their licenses on the first day of eligibility. They trained with Classic Aviation, Inc., based out of the Pella Municipal Airport, where they have worked part-time for two years.

The pair are juniors at Pella Christian High School and say they want to pursue careers in aviation.