Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

February 6, 2013

Goodbye iron, welcome cat


OTTUMWA — If you want the iron in your Monopoly game, you probably need to pick up a set now.

The makers of Monopoly asked people which token should be banished and offered a set of replacements for people to vote on. The iron came in last and will be removed from the pieces players can use on the board.

The iron didn't do well with southeast Iowa players, either. In January, an Ottumwa Courier web poll asked readers which token they wanted to keep. The iron received 33 votes out of 542 cast. That 6 percent total tied the wheelbarrow for the least votes.

A cat was added by voters. No word yet on whether the Scottie dog, among the most popular of the tokens, gets along with the new addition.

Other options for the new token included a guitar, helicopter, diamond ring and a robot.