Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

October 29, 2013

Knoxville Elementary PTO hosts Halloween Fun Night


Knoxville — If you were out and about in Knoxville on Monday night, you may have heard some interesting sounds!  The Knoxville Police Department, Marion County Sheriff's Department, Knoxville City and Rural Fire Departments, and Mike's Towing were all parked in the circle drive of West Elementary School.  (There MIGHT have been an occasional siren!!!)   They were there to promote Halloween safety and provide a positive image of public safety workers for Knoxville's elementary students.

The fun was only beginning at the driveway!!! As students and their families entered the school, they were given a map highlighting several exciting stations and a sack from Fareway to use to collect treasures throughout the night.  The“haunted hallway,” created by Dan D Farms, led to a room where kids could create a ghost craft.  After that, each child was given a white mini pumpkin provided by Pierce's Pumpkin Patch.  

Another hallway led students to Officer Hucks, the school's liaison officer.  The Knoxville Hospital and Clinics showed children the importance of cleanliness during cold and flu season with a cool demonstration of the germs left behind after a hasty hand-washing.  At the end of that hall, students created a spider from a Tootsie Pop. 

In the gym, students marched in a circle to spooky music and sound effects in a pumpkin stroll (aka “cake walk”) for prizes provided by Godfather's, “Glitter, Giggles, and Gifts,” the Liz Adrian family, Family Video, Parents as Teachers, WIC (Marion County Public Health), Wal-Mart, and the VFW.  Across the gym, each child could choose one Halloween picture to be painted on his face.  Hy-Vee donated delicious decorated cookies and McDonalds supplied tasty orange drink for children and their families to enjoy.

In the last hallway, students were able to learn about the importance of avoiding tobacco products and have their teeth checked out by representatives from the Marion County Public Health's Tobacco Free and I-SMILE program workers.  An excited game involving brooms, pumpkins, and orange cones challenged kids' sweeping skills during the pumpkin races.

At each station throughout the night, students collected stamps on the activity map.  As they left the school, each map with at least six stamps earned the child a prize bag.  The reflective trick or treat bag was provided by Mike’s Towing in hopes that every child will be SEEN and be SAFE this Halloween.  Inside the bag were coloring pages, health/nutrition information sheets, Dairy Queen certificates, a certificate for a free pop from Hometown Meats, a certificate from Family Video, a sticker sheet to create a jack-o-lantern, bracelets and other items from Parents as Teachers (Marion Co. Public Health), a glow stick,  and a special toy from Dollar General.

The “Fun and Safe Halloween” committee would like to thank all of the sponsors for their kind donations!  Thank you to all of the parents, teachers, custodians, Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Keitges and other people who worked hard to make this educational and fun night possible!!!