Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

December 30, 2011

Will miss Steve Mitchell

Ann Fee

Melcher-Dallas —  

To the editor:
It has been my honor to have served on Melcher-Dallas’s Board of Education during Mr. Steve Mitchell’s tenure.   I served on a citizens' committee that helped select our new superintendent seven years ago.  
Many of us selected Mr. Mitchell as the right individual to lead our district as superintendent, and I still strongly feel that we chose the right individual.  Being the educational leader for our district, he effectively managed the development and articulation of the learning environment.  
Our small school district has enjoyed  strong financial footing in a complicated realm of school finance, thanks to Mr. Mitchell.  In a climate of ever-decreasing funding and a depressed economy, Mr. Mitchell has led this district extremely well.  Mr. Mitchell effectively shared information with us at the board table, and encouraged discussion that has led to greater understanding, better decision making, and a clearer vision of our school district.  
He is very current and involved in issues, as he communicated and lobbied with our legislators and then brought his understanding to the board table and encouraged our involvement as well.  He has always been very visible and involved in all events of the school which I see as vital to being an effective superintendent.  
Mr. Mitchell completely invested in the Melcher-Dallas School District both professionally and personally.  It is with deep regret that I voted to accept Mr. Mitchell’s resignation.  I have great respect for the job he did here at Melcher-Dallas and will miss him greatly.  
With Respect,
Ann K Fee
Melcher-Dallas School Board member