Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

October 4, 2012

Supports Dick Schrad

Ted Eller

Knoxville —  

To the editor:

Dick Schrad will stand up for Iowa values. How is it that some politicians in Des Moines say that the state is broke, so we have to cut pre-school, K-12 education and funding for our community colleges and universities, and at the same time, we have more than $300 million left over to give breaks to large businesses and corporations? Where are their priorities?

They're trying to convince us that they are looking out for us, when in fact they are only career politicians looking out for themselves.

We need a State Senator who isn't a career politician, but someone who will be a moderate and sensible voice for Senate District 14. I believe that Dick Schrad, the retired city manager of Knoxville, is that person.

Dick's wife of 47 years was a teacher, and Dick knows how important education is in Iowa. Also, he owned a business for 20 years, balanced a budget, set policies and successfully managed the kind of medium-sized cities that are so common in the State of Iowa.

I've known Dick Schrad for over six years, and I know that he will be an important and great addition to the State Senate, representing all of the people in Knoxville and the entire population of District 14.

Ted Eller