Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

August 4, 2011

Enjoyed the pulls

Bill Burkhart

Knoxville —  

To the editor: 

July 21, 2011, marked the end of a great Marion County Fair and the debut of the National Tractor Pull Association at the fairgrounds. Thanks to all who were involved in making this event happen.

The buzz of the town Friday morning was, “Were you at the tractor pulls?” You bet I was! For the first show here in Knoxville, it was great to see the turnout of tractors and trucks. 

Although I don't know the exact number of people, it was great to see everyone there to cheer on these pullers. We have an awesome Knoxville Raceway to hold this event. 

I believe that if we can get this event back here, it will add to another great attraction to the town and to the track. I got the opportunity to speak with some of the pullers after the event and they were very excited to be at Knoxville and were very excited to return for the event if held again. 

An improvement for a future event could be to hold it during the fair, or on a Friday or Saturday, and maybe advertise it a little more. Not very many people in or outside of town knew about the event. I thought more could have been brought to the pulls.

In conclusion, I would once again like to thank everyone for their hard work that got the event here. Thanks for great family fun.

Bill Burkhart