Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

December 23, 2013

Speed limit decrease on Highway 5/92 coming soon

Steve Woodhouse

Pleasantville — Pleasantville City Manager Joe Mrstik reports that the Iowa Department of Transportation has agreed to lower the speed limit from 65 to 55 on the stretch of Highway 5/92 from the Y intersection to the north, past the Pleasantville exits. 

"The City of Pleasantville, along with the Iowa State Patrol requested this area to be studied more because of the number of serious accidents," Mrstik said via e-mail. "The DOT felt that this change could reduce accidents. They will also put improved signage at two of the intersections into Pleasantville."

The change is a few weeks away. Mrstik went on to say that the Pleasantville City Council has also voted to shift all of its Yield signs within the City limits to Stop signs.