Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

November 30, 2012

Bulkhead placement will impact traffic

Steve Woodhouse

Pella — Workers are busy connecting two pieces of a bulkhead for the large tainer gates at Lake Red Rock. When the bulkhead is ready to be installed, traffic on T-15 over the dam will be impacted once again.

The bulkhead is designed to be able to move across the dam to close specific large gates, one at a time when necessary. The original design of the dam included bulkheads to close the smaller gates, but not a large one. This piece arrived from New York recently, to retrofit the dam in this way.

“The purpose of this is really for the maintenance of the gates,” Assistant Operations Manager John Holt said. With the new bulkhead, if one of the five large gates requires maintenance, the bulkhead can be moved to close said gate to allow maintenance. In the past, when maintenance on a large gate was required, all of them had to be closed.

Putting the bulkhead in place on the dam will be a multi-day process, and will require the road to be closed. Details about the road closures will be forthcoming. Holt had no specific time frame for the bulkhead to be in place, but the Corps hopes to have the project completed before Christmas.