Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

March 1, 2013

First Federated Study Club News

The Journal Express

---- — The First Federated Study Club of Knoxville met Feb. 12 and was hosted at the home of Pat Schrad with a program by T. Waldmann-Williams on the history of Valentines and its paraphernalia.

Two teams were created for a contest to answer questions about the history of Valentines. The result was that each attendee received a carnation or mum as a participant.

Vice President Mary Lane presided over the meeting. Current committee chairs reviewed their status including scholarships, community projects, and communications.

Adventures in Reading and Performance were shared by all and Marlys Lensing facilitated the shared learning question “What makes you think of spring?”

Upcoming events were provided and March’s meeting will be hosted by Maureen Miller and Mary Lane at Maureen’s home.

Barbara Waters will facilitate our shared learning question “What do you think will be a change in our environment in 10, 20, or 30 years?”