Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

July 19, 2013

Music lineup announced for RAGBRAI in Knoxville


Knoxville —

The set list for the Main Stage is:

Stage #1 – located just east of the main Iowa State Savings Bank location at the intersection of Robinson and Third Streets (off the SE corner of the Square)

Retro Jukebox 10a – 12p 

Rumbleseat Riot 12:30p – 2p 


Stage #2 – located on the SE corner of the intersection of First and Main St. 

Typical Males 10:30-12:30

Dustin Busch 12:30/1--2:30/3


Stage #3 – located on the NE corner of the Square at the intersection of Robinson and Third Streets. 

High Crest 11-1 

Thankful Dirt 1:30-3:30 


Stage #4 – located behind the Knoxville Public Library in the grassy area between the Library and the Bank. 

Matt Woods 11:30-1:30

Joe & Vicki 2-4


Stage #5 – located at the corner of First and Robinson Streets, near the Sundance Realty office. 

Chad Elliott 12-2

River Monks 2:30-4/4:30


“Stage #6” – located in front of movie theater

Chasing Shade – will play up until 4 .m.