Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

December 11, 2013

3M Donates truck to Rural Fire Department

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — The Knoxville Township Fire Department was the recipient of a used truck, courtesy of 3M Knoxville. 

Cory Carr, Emergency Response Team Coordinator at 3M, said the truck was purchased brand new for the plant in 1975. The team has evolved to become more of a secondary fire brigade and the need for a truck is almost gone. Modern technology at the plant allows for faster response to fire. The 38-year-old truck had 2,000 miles on it when it was given to the fire department. 

"We appreciate it very much," Fire Chief Kenny Thompson said. The truck has the capability for service using foam and water. Carr added that 3M has a great working relationship with the department and the company was glad to make the donation. 

Marion County Emergency Management Coordinator Jeff Anderson said it is great that 3M, when the company recognized that it no longer had a need for the truck, chose to give it to a department that can still make use of it. He said it speaks well of 3M. 

Also on hand for the donation Wednesday were Assistant Chief Dude Williams and Knoxville Township Trustee Janet Ritchie. Paperwork was filled out to officially transfer ownership of the truck. 

The truck has been in the department's possession for a few weeks, but has not yet been used for any calls for the department.