Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

June 21, 2013

Entertainment announced for RAGBRAI®

The Journal Express

---- — Knoxville is expecting several bands to play during the RAGBRAI® event on July 24. Bands booked for the weekend include:

• Diplomats of Sound, Iowa City

• Brother Trucker, Des Moines

• Joe and Vicki Price

• Matt Woods, Des Moines

• The River Monks, Des Moines

• Chad Elliott, Coon Rapids

• Thankful Dirt

• High Crest

• Dustin Busch Trio, Iowa City

• Typical Males, Des Moines

• Rumbleseat Riot, Des Moines

• Retro Jukebox, Knoxville

• Kevin Gordon

In a press release from the Knoxville RAGBRAI® Entertainment Committee, the spokesman said they felt it was important to show off Iowa and its talents. They expect carloads of people to come to Knoxville to enjoy these bands.

“Because this event is taking on a ‘street festival’ or ‘music festival’ atmosphere in addition to being a cycling event, we’d be happy to work with more local acts that fit the theme of our event,” Entertainment Committee Chair Dylan Morse said in a statement approved by the RAGBRAI® Publicity Committee. “Bands who are interested should contact the Entertainment Committee for specifics.”

Morse added that the bands were selected based upon their quality of performance and outside following.

“The bands we’re working with so far have a broad appeal around Iowa and the Midwest, and we intend to have lots of people come to town during RAGBRAI® just to see their favorite Iowa band,” Morse said. “We wanted to be a bit broader in order to provide a little bit of something for everyone. Our thought was that if someone doesn’t like the band at Stage 1, they can go to any of the four other supporting stages we’ll have or hang around for the Main Stage entertainment starting at 4 p.m. Our real charge with picking the bands we did was that we wanted to be original. Original artists, original music, original concept. Knoxville will be original and we’ll be remembered for it! Even the RAGBRAI® organization was excited by our selection of all Iowa bands for Knoxville’s entertainment.”

“People are coming from all over the country and around the world,” Morse said. “Generally speaking, they’re affluent people who could travel anywhere but choose to come to Iowa for their why not show them ‘Iowa’? Knoxville is really well positioned to do this right, as RAGBRAI® has reiterated to us a number of times. We’re going to look really good to our visitors!”

“It’s important to note a ton of volunteer time went into selecting the entertainment for the Knoxville stop. The Entertainment Committee worked endlessly through our passion to pursue bands who are passionate about performing well. The band selection was not taken lightly and we’re very proud of who we’ve been able to line-up for the event. The entertainment will insure Knoxville will be A Dam Good Time!” Morse said.

Knoxville has tried to keep its vendor fees affordable to make the event successful for its businesses and nonprofits. Many volunteer hours have been dedicated to making RAGBRAI®’s stop in Knoxville a success. Morse has enjoyed the experience thus far.

“This has been a great experience,” Morse said. “The reaction we’re getting from people has been fantastic. Folks are already planning their week around it! The bands are excited and are bragging up Knoxville to their followers.”