Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

December 7, 2012

New way to receive Snow Ordinance notices

By Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — Every year, during the first snowfall of the season, several parking tickets are written, possibly due to drivers forgetting about, or being unaware of the enactment of Knoxville's Snow Ordinance. Knoxville Police Chief Dan Losada said the department is trying another way to let people know when the ordinance has been enacted this winter. 

The KPD is compiling a list of email addresses and cell phone numbers to alert local residents about the snow ordinance. If you would like to receive a text or email notification, contact the KPD at 641-828-0541. Snow ordinance notifications will continue to be announced by local media and on the KPD's Facebook page. Questions about whether or not the ordinance is in effect can also be directed to the KPD or the Marion County Sheriff's Office (641-828-2220). 

Knoxville's snow ordinance forbids parking on any city streets until the ordinance has been lifted. The ordinance is lifted when the snowstorm is over and all streets have been plowed from curb to curb, or 24 hours after the snow storm ends. The ordinance goes into effect any time the police expect at least one inch of snow. 

While the ordinance is in effect, residents are allowed to temporarily park on their lawns. If one does this, the KPD requests that the vehicle be moved back onto the street as soon as the ordinance is lifted and the driver is able to do so. 

Residents are also reminded that they are responsible for snow and ice removal from city sidewalks. Snow and ice are to be removed within 24 hours of a snow event. 

If the KPD is forced to remove the snow, the resident will be charged not only for the labor costs involved, but an additional administrative fee has been added to the costs this year, making it more expensive for the City to clear a sidewalk.