Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

January 17, 2013

County government spent $23 million in 2012

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville —  

After some digging, as Marion County's budgeting is based on a fiscal year that runs from July 1-June 30, Marion County Auditor Jake Grandia found that warrants issued in calendar year 2012 (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) totaled $23,031,903. 
Breaking that down, it costs an average of $1,919,325.25 to run Marion County each month, $442,921.21 each week and $62,928.70 each day. Based on the Census estimate for Marion County's population, 33,335, the expenditures made by Marion County for the year totaled $690.92 per resident. 
Marion County's budgeted expenditures for Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013) total $22,439,897. 
Departmental budget proposals for the next fiscal year have been received by the Auditor's Office. Grandia is entering them into a database and will provide them to the Board of Supervisors by the end of the week. Budget meetings and discussions, which are open to the public, are expected to begin soon. Notices of these budget meetings will be posted at the courthouse and at 
The certified budget must be submitted to the state by March 15.