Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

March 15, 2013

Science Club shares thoughts on ISU visit

By Ryan Richardson KHS Science
The Journal Express

---- — KHS Science Club members traveled to Iowa State University on Friday, March 1, to become more aware of opportunities related to computer programing. ISU professors, program coordinators, graduate, and undergraduate students have been very helpful to Knoxville science students on days like this for many years. Below are KHS student comments from the day.

“Although I knew a little about programming beforehand, I still learned a lot today. I also learned the difference between Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Software Engineering, which had been confusing to me before, but will be important to know in the future.” –Brendan Finan

“It’s going to take a while to process, but the important thing is that I learned and had fun. Today, we learned about Java, electricity, and biology. I also now know what I’m going to major in, Computer Science.” –Alec Geil

“This trip was very informative. It showed what we might expect to do in a field and how we might go about learning it. We visited a few of the people at the university and they explained all about their fields and used fun visual aides to teach. They also answered our questions in detail. I feel much more informed and excited about computer related fields after this trip, and I had fun doing so.” –Jacob Pech

“I learned that there is an extremely high demand for programmers in the job industry.” –Tyger Marshall

“This changed my perspective about keeping grades up. Also, it helped me figure out what minors I want to study.” –Philip Richardson

“We also experienced a day of what it feels like to be a college student.” –Inno Cabije

“I most enjoyed the time we spent with graduate students. They taught us about differences between computer related majors, wireless network security, security/hacking competitions, internships, and the need for computer programing in the workforce. Computer engineering is hardware focused. Software engineering is focused on programing. Computer science includes both and the study of interactions between computer and user. Computer science internships for students pay between eleven and thirty-three dollars an hour. Internships can be sought by students after successful completion of just two programing classes. One hundred percent of computer science graduates at ISU have full time jobs within thirty days of graduation. Computer science graduates often earn starting salaries at sixty five thousand per year, similar to engineers. We also learned of the importance of high quality communication. Graduates with greater ability to communicate verbally, in their programming, in their writing, within a team, and with coworkers are in higher demand and earn more. Futures are bright for students with interest and aptitude in science, math, and the ability to communicate well.

“After returning from this trip, several students are starting a programing club within science club. They will be helping each other teach and learn programing with scheduled meetings 2-3 times a week. The school district’s ‘technology guys,’ Sheldon Davids, Mike Cecil, Dave Smith, and Ryan Jahnke, have been helpful in supplying needed software.” - Ryan Richardson