Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

November 22, 2013

Moore is preparing for mayorship

By Steve Woodhouse Editor
The Journal Express

---- — Bill Moore was elected the new Mayor of Pleasantville on Nov. 5. He will take over the office in January.

Moore, currently employed as an operations specialist with the City of Des Moines Wastewater Treatment Plant, has been a Pleasantville resident for the past 11 years. When he moved to town, he was working as an electrician. In 2004, a position became available with Pleasantville Public Works, and he worked for the City for four years.

Moore and wife Celesta are the parents of three, Jonna Van Ness who teaches at Youth Emergency Services in Des Moines; 19-year-old Dakota, a multimedia design and marketing student at Mount Mercy College and 17-year-old Mac, a senior at Pleasantville High School.

Moore said there are a lot of little things he would like to see changed within the City during his administration. He is hopeful that a couple of major projects, such as repairs to thoroughfare Jasper Street, can also be completed. One of his top priorities is the installation of lights at one of the Little League fields.

The lights have a special meeting, as the late James Calhoun had earmarked money for the project, but it never came to pass. Moore says that Slow Pitch Softball has gained popularity among residents and is eager to give Pleasantville youth the opportunity to play baseball under the lights.

Moore works with Pleasantville Emergency Services as a firefighter and an ambulance driver. Since the election, he has spoken with City Manager Joe Mrstik and members of the city council. Moore, like Mrstik, would like to bring further economic development to Pleasantville, and Moore believes repairs to Jasper Street might be one of the keys to that.

Moore said he is still learning and preparing for the job, but is eager to serve the people of Pleasantville.