Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

March 27, 2014

No change in removal plans

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — After one of the City of Knoxville's traffic signals blew over Wednesday afternoon, the others were inspected. It was determined that they are safe enough for the City to maintain its current removal schedule. 

As reported, strong winds Wednesday afternoon blew a traffic signal at the corner of Third and Main over. The base of the lamp was clearly rusted, which likely contributed to the incident. The signal struck one vehicle, but no one was injured. 

"The incident yesterday was extraordinary and I’m very grateful that no one was injured," Assistant City Manager Dylan Feik told the Journal-Express. "I have not heard of a similar occurrence in Knoxville before. After removing the fallen signal, Dickinson Electric and City staff inspected remaining traffic signals and found no issues/concerns with them. We did turn off the signals at Third and Main and are using a 4-way stop sign until we begin that block of the project. If we remove the signals earlier than planned, we’ll lose street lighting at the intersection."

The City and Dickinson Electric are confident that the events of yesterday will not occur with any of the remaining signals. The City is moving forward as planned with no concern for a similar event happening again.