Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

October 5, 2012

Feik discusses proposed sign ordinance

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — A public hearing will be held at the Oct. 15 Knoxville City Council meeting regarding a proposed sign ordinance. 

"There are literally thousands of types of signs," Assistant City Manager Dylan Feik said. He has drafted the new ordinance to replace the current procedure for placing signs.

The procedure, as it stands, involves researching the signage rules for the zoning district in which a property falls. Feik's ordinance, which includes specific definitions and differences regarding signs, borrows information from how other cities have handled sign regulations. Instead of sorting through several pages of regulations, he has also made a quick-look sign matrix to tell a property owner the signage regulations for a particular zoning district. 

"I think we needed more," Feik said. He encourages anyone with questions, comments or concerns to come to the public hearing. 

Traffic signal issue at Lincoln/Pleasant

As the City works on Pleasant Street, it was discovered that the Department of Transportation has its traffic signals on Lincoln on single-circuit system. Sensors under the road monitor when cars go by to help the traffic signals run more efficiently. When these were torn out for the work on Pleasant, the signals at the intersection of Lincoln and Robinson were affected. The City believes the problem has been handled and that progress is being made to finish the Pleasant Street project, to reopen the road. 

Dog Park

The proposed dog park is still citizen-led, Feik said. As reported in the Oct. 5 print edition, the City and organizers agree that Auld Park will not be an ideal location for the park. The Knoxville City Council suggested the possibility of having the park on City-owned land near the Marion County Humane Society.

However, the City acquired that land to expand its wastewater treatment equalization basin to meet demands from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Not all of the land will be needed for the basin, but the expansion should be considered if the dog park volunteers plan to locate there. 

Though the project is not being spearheaded by the City, Feik said he is interested in hearing comments or ideas regarding this additional amenity in the community. 

Thursday night council meeting

The Knoxville City Council met in special session Thursday night. Mayor Don Zoutte presided over the brief meeting, the first he has attended in over one month, due to health issues.

The council's action at the meeting was to set a public hearing for Oct. 15 regarding the sale of property at 413 West Robinson. This was acquired through the City's Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Following the public hearing, the land can be sold. Financial information regarding the listing price is expected to be included in information for the Oct. 15 meeting.