Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

October 24, 2012

Sinclair campaign raises $38K

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — Amy Sinclair, Republican candidate for Iowa State Senate District 14, received $38,535.20 in campaign contributions during the finance reporting period. Reports were due Oct. 19, and reflect amounts raised since July. Meanwhile, her opponent, Democrat Dick Schrad, raised $1,300 in contributions.

Sinclair's contributions came from dozens of individual donors, as well as organizations and political action committees. Her biggest donors is Iowans for Tax Relief, which issued two checks to her campaign during the reporting period, one for $1,000 and one for $7,000.

“They know I'm not going to crank up taxes,” Sinclair said.

She added that she has worked very hard over the past few months. Though she received 40 donations from political organizations, and 74 donations from individuals, she said she has not accepted any funding from a person or organization who does not share her ideals. Earlier in the campaign, two organizations who did not agree with her ideals tried to submit donations. She returned the checks.

Sinclair also said that even when she has accepted money from those who do agree with her, it does not mean that they will influence any vote or stance she may take if elected. According to Sinclair, the first time a donor tries to pressure her to vote against her conscience, she will write a personal check for the amount donated.

“I will not be owned,” Sinclair said.

Schrad accepted no PAC or group donations. He received 17 individual donations and a donation from the Decatur County Democrats. Schrad spent $470.94 during this filing period, to Sinclair's $15,307.78.

In the Iowa House District 28 race, Democrat Megan Suhr raised $10,569 Included that total are 79 individual donations and 11 group donations. Her opponent, Republican Greg Heartsill, raised $15,019 from 104 individual donations and nine group donations.

Suhr outspent Heartsill $6,935.10 to $5,789.04. Heartsill still has $10,763.32 on hand to Suhr's $6,918.88.

Sen. Paul McKinley, who did not seek reelection this year, supported his Republican Party candidates. He donated $500 to Sinclair and $200 to Heartsill. No word of official endorsement from him, for either candidate, has been received.

In the races across the river, Republican State Senate Candidate Ken Rozenboom raised $29,050 to his District 40 opponent, Democrat Tim Tripp's $1,505. Iowa House District 79 Republican Candidate, Guy VanderLinden, raised $22,500. VanderLinden has a Democrat opponent on the ballot, but the opponent has moved out of state and cannot serve.

Democrat Dave Loebsack, candidate for Iowa's Second Congressional District, has raised $1,391.257 for his campaign. Republican John Archer has raised $739,428.