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Knoxville Mayor Don Zoutte

Don Zoutte
Don Zoutte

Knoxville Mayor Don Zoutte told the Journal-Express this morning that the Knoxville City Council intends to make a $120,000 offer on the former home of Iowa State Flag Designer Dixie Cornell Gebhardt. 

The council met in closed session last night, following the regular meeting to discuss the purchase of real estate. Upon returning to open session, the vote was taken to make this offer. 

Zoutte said the offer is contingent upon the Library Board's ability to raise enough money to cover the costs of the purchase. The Library Board, as an entity, does not have the authority to make real estate purchases.

The Knoxville Public Library has previously discussed expansion. Discussion has also taken place to include the Gebhardt home for research. 

We'll continue to follow this story and will try to provide more information in the Feb. 24 Journal-Express. 

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