The 3M Knoxville plant is currently in a hiring mode. The plant will hire 10 production operators and 4 maintenance craftspeople to meet rebounding

demand that has the plant running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in many areas of the plant. 3M Knoxville had announced 20 involuntary layoffs in

April, but never had to carry them out due to some short-term voluntary layoffs and a pickup in demand. 3M is also currently hiring from colleges

for 2 engineering jobs that were left open during the downturn.

The demand rebound at the plant is mostly driven by overseas demand, especially in Asia, but domestic demand shows signs of recovering as well.

The plant has already hired 60 temporary production workers in the past 5 months to keep up with orders.

Approximately 500 applications were filled out by people seeking the 10 production jobs and 30 applications were submitted for the maintenance

jobs, but applications are no longer being taken, and 3M has started the process of evaluating the ones it has received.

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