In light of recent dog attacks in other counties, Marion County Supervisor Craig Agan asked for current local regulations to be discussed at Tuesday’s regular meeting. He would like to see a committee formed to further examine the issue.

According to Agan, he has spoken to Environmental Health Director Cory Frank. Frank has indicated that some changes should be made to the County’s policies.

Sheriff Jason Sandholdt said the Iowa Code gives officers the right to euthanize an animal if it is attacking livestock, people or other animals. Action can be taken for personal protection and to protect property. Sandholdt stressed that he and his deputies are not interested in killing people’s pets, but rather to serve and protect.

“We don’t want to destroy someone’s pet,” Sandholdt said.

Marion County Attorney Ed Bull said he was advised by the Attorney General’s Office that a county ordinance cannot allow the County to take stronger action than the State. Civil liability to the County also exists in dangerous animal cases.

Discussion was closed with no action taken.

In other board discussion, a special event permit application was approved for the Knoxville Farmers’ Market. Maintenance Director Cal Stephens had questions about where the market needed electricity, where canopies would be erected and other questions.

“More information would be helpful,” Stephens said. Supervisor Mark Raymie wanted to give Stephens the authority to dictate the placement of the Farmers’ Market vendors. Board Chairman Jim Kingery agreed.

“As long as we’ve got you to oversee that, I think it’s a good idea,” Kingery said. The board will enforce the $100 damage deposit as well.

Other supervisors’ notes:

• Approved a site plan for the Lake View Camp and Conference Center. This will be located on Highway T-17 in Tracy.

• Approve a resolution adopting and approving tax compliance procedures relating to tax-exempt bonds. Auditor Jake Grandia said he received these regulations from the County’s advisor on such matters. The regulations will bring Marion County into compliance with federal regulations and puts an emphasis on the compliance officer, which is the Auditor’s Office. Raymie indicated that any time tax law changes, new regulations have to be adopted.

• Approved a slate roof maintenance proposal from Renaissance Roofing. Renaissance was the company who put the new roof on the courthouse, approximately eight years ago. Stephens said there are broken slates, missing slates (from falling off) and there are leaks in the courthouse. The one-week preventative maintenance project will cost $7,450 and should be done in August.

• Accepted the Marion County Sherif’s Quarterly Report.

• During the supervisors’ boards and commissions update, in which they discuss the happenings in the outside bodies they also serve, Raymie confirmed that Jasper County has withdrawn from the four-county mental health district. Mahaska and Poweshiek remain tied to Marion County in this endeavor, and each respective board of supervisors is expected to pass a resolution representing their commitment.

Agan reported that South Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency Director Sara Bixby has resigned to accept a new position on the west coast. The agency will soon begin a search for a new director.

• The board entered closed session to discuss possible litigation. Following the session, Bull reported that the board elected to send a letter to an attorney, from whom they had previously received a letter. He said the county is not being sued, nor is it suing anyone else at this time.

• The board tabled a 28E agreement regarding mental health services. Kingery said this was an agreement with nine counties in which they worked together to receive services for a lower cost. Because of the new mental health districts, this agreement may no longer be allowed.

• The next regular board meeting is Tuesday, May 28, at 9 a.m.

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