Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

June 28, 2013

Road to be closed for sewer work

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — Marion Street, between the Post Office and Wells Fargo's drive-in bank in Knoxville, will be closed Monday for sewer repairs. 

Knoxville Wastewater Superintendent Patrick Murphy told the Journal-Express that an issue with the sewer was discovered by a Roto-Rooter employee who was hired to help Wells Fargo with a sewer issue. Another company was called in to take a closer look and discovered an issue with the sewer connection beneath the road.

Murphy said the exact cause of the problem is still unknown. It is also unknown whether or not the issue is the fault of the City of Knoxville or Wells Fargo. Murphy hopes to get these answers when work begins. 

The last time this sewer line was installed was 1989. Murphy has been trying to find records to try to see what may have happened, but has been unsuccessful. 

Drivers will still be able to access the Post Office and Wells Fargo through an alley. The question of whom will bear the cost of the repairs, Wells Fargo or the City, is also unknown.