Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

January 9, 2014

Resolution for the New Year?

By Charlotte Shivvers
The Journal Express

---- — Before our energy for New Year’s Resolutions is totally depleted, how about the U.S. Congress resolving something simple like WELL PAID WORK FOR ALL?

There might not be such need for the Emergency Unemployment Compensation, now being debated in Washington, D. C., if our Congress had been able to learn something from the past and initiate a new Works Progress Administration – the WPA. Has anyone younger than me ever heard of it? Those WPA initials came to stand for lots of different programs; it was launched in 1935 when President Roosevelt acted during the Great Depression to bring work to the massive number of unemployed.

And it certainly did provide progressive works! In 1938 it was providing jobs for almost eight million people. They built needed Post Offices, roads, bridges, and train tracks. They were the labor source for major parts of our great US National Parks! Name your favorite park – Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier – and somewhere there you could find a plaque naming the date it was built – by the “Works Progress Administration.”

Jobs weren’t limited to builders and laborers – there were programs for historians, archeologists, writers, and artists. You don’t have to go to the great parks of the West to experience gifts of the WPA.

Many of us joined the Save Our Stadium effort to keep Knoxville’s athletic ventures safe in the now-restored beauty of the WPA- built Ken Lock Stadium out on Robinson Street. Even closer to Knoxville center – unfortunately not labeled yet – is the WPA mural in our Post Office depicting our ancestors ready to rush across the “Red Rock Line” in 1845. My great WPA discovery came during 4-H sheep competition at the Iowa State Fair. Right there on a north side exit of the Sheep Building – the famous WPA plaque.

Why am I bringing all this up on a bright, frigid morning in 2014? Because our Representatives and Senators have not been able to support initiatives like this in our current recession! Our President was able to send help to the auto industry which is now going full speed ahead, one of the most successful parts of the stimulus effort. So why not a clear organized effort that would provide work and at the same time repair highways, bridges, and mass transit? Just think of the jobs that would be available in Iowa, for instance, if we could move ahead with the federal grant and build that railroad that would begin with a Chicago to Iowa City link.

This would meet the Democrat need to be sure people have opportunity and the Republican need to be sure people work for their money. Of course, the jobs available and the job skills needed wouldn’t be a perfect match. But it would be move in the right direction. And the new WPA could include training for the high-tech jobs where we have a labor shortage.

As the supporters of extending Emergency Unemployment Compensation point out, it would increase sales in our market place, thus more jobs, more tax dollars, etc.

So, listen up, Washington, D.C. Here’s the Resolution for 2014 – WELL PAID WORK FOR ALL. A brand new Works Progress Administration. That would be progress! It would provide work! So Congress, please resolve to make it happen!