Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

December 27, 2012

A New Year's reminder from the Sheriff's Office

Marion County Sheriff's Office

Knoxville —  

The New Year celebration season is upon us. With this comes a great increase in holiday travel on Iowa roadways.  The Marion County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens to be safe, be responsible, and have a Happy New Year!

The easiest way do your part, in keeping your friends and family safe, is to not drink and drive.  Recent studies indicate that on a typical weekend evening, one in ten drivers is legally impaired.   So send a message to drunk drivers.  If you see a vehicle, you believe to be operated by an impaired driver, report them to your local law enforcement by calling 911.   

Another way to keep you and your family safe is to please wear your seatbelt.  All the time, every time!

Thank You from the Employees of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.