Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

April 6, 2012

Strong Community Values

Diane and Gary Holst

Oskaloosa —  

To the editor:
Hello, my name is Dianne Holst.  I currently live in Oskaloosa with my husband and sons.  I want to write you to let you know that there is so much to be thankful for but one thing in particular is the great people of Knoxville.
I was born and raised near Knoxville and attended K-through 12, graduating in 1977.  Most of my family live in Knoxville and I will always call it home.
My husband and I were in Des Moines as we often do go there on weekends for shopping. Unfortunately, our car broke down.  Stuck in Des Moines on a Saturday getting near noon, I knew we were limited on who would be able to look at and repair the car.  We called and found a tow truck that arrived within an hour and took us to Goodyear on Ingersoll.  
After over two hours of not being able to figure out the problem, I realized that I needed to find someone that could possibly tow our car home to Oskaloosa, I cringed at the thought of the cost but I knew it was the best avenue to get us home and the car back to trusted repair person that could fix.
I remembered Mike's Towing in Knoxville.  I called and they gladly agreed to help us out. 
We needed a part that would require towing back to Knoxville.  So, all four of us squeezed in the cab of her big truck and our car went for its second ride on a tow truck in one day.
God blesses us in many ways. These two individuals went out of their way to save us from a very long day.  They got us back to Knoxville, and Hube's garage even fixed our car that evening so we would have a vehicle for an important appointment.
Good strong community values and just good people. They are number one in our book and I will be sending everyone I know their way! God Bless them both!
Dianne Holst
Gary Holst