Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

November 7, 2013

Letter to the Editor

The Journal Express

---- — To the Editor:

It would seem all too often public workers and administrators are considered ineffective and not willing to work with people on a variety of subjects. At least in regard to the Kiwanis Miracle Playground project at Young’s Park, just the opposite has been the case. It would be hard to imagine how the project would have gotten where it is without help from City employees and administrators.

The City of Knoxville has provided storage, use of equipment and manpower. This is an ongoing project and I would hope Kiwanis can depend on the City’s help in the future for the remainder of the project.

Lew Brent

President, Knoxville Morning Kiwanis

To the Editor:

I read with interest Jay Bender’s letter to the editor and found myself agreeing with an old rival. Maybe it is advancing age, but the history and traditions of my home town are increasingly dear. I was fortunate enough to have played at Ken Locke Stadium, but, as is often the case, youth is wasted on the young. I failed to fully appreciate the history of our stadium, the powerful story of Ken Locke and how fortunate I was to play for Coach Sloan. The idea of honoring Coach Sloan by naming the field at Ken Locke Stadium for him would be a perfect way to continue to honor our memories and traditions.

Ken Locke Stadium is appropriately named for an exceptional student athlete who tragically passed away due to injuries suffered in a football game. This stadium has always been a source of pride for the Knoxville community. It is unique in appearance, with a rich history that began when the WPA transformed the town lake into a beautiful and functional centerpiece for our community. Like so many WPA projects, this stadium goes beyond its utilitarian purpose to provide a living testament to the craftsmanship of our grandparents’ generation. We are also fortunate that the Save our Stadium campaign has protected and updated this facility. Naming the playing field in honor of Coach Sloan would be a further step in recognizing and honoring the past of this great stadium.

Tim Agan

Knoxville HS ‘77

Phoenix, AZ