Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

October 2, 2012

Northey campaigns for Heartsill

Steve Woodhouse

Rural Columbia — Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey stumped for fellow Republican and candidate for Iowa House District 28 Greg Heartsill Monday night. 

Northey said he met Heartsill in 2006 and has gotten to know the family for the past several years. He said he was there to support Heartsill because it is important to have people in the Legislature who know how to balance budgets and live within their means. Northey added that Heartsill knows agriculture, which remains a significant aspect of Iowa's economy.

"We need good ag voices," Northey said. 

Northey planned to discuss the importance of agriculture, and how it will be important for the next Legislature to be aware of the level of success farmers had this year. This year's yield is expected to be at about 80 percent of average, but it varies according to the field and the location, Northey said. Livestock farmers will also suffer if grain prices go too high. 

For these reasons, Northey believes the Legislature should pay more attention to what is spent and how they treat farmers. He knows Heartsill will do that. 

"We have to be really careful and it's really easy for state government to overregulate," Northey said. 

Northey spoke to a small crowd at Pierce's Pumpkin Patch in rural Columbia. A "potluck" style dinner was served. 

Look for more from Northey in the Oct. 5 Journal-Express.