Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

January 14, 2013

Twin Cedars hosts bullying discussion

Steve Woodhouse

Bussey — Students and staff at Twin Cedars High School received a lesson on bullying this morning. 

Thanks to a grant provided by 3M, the school welcomed the presenters. The speaker addressed issues such as defining bullying, identifying it and learning how to put an end to it.

Twin Cedars High School Principal Dave Roby was impressed with the presentation and glad the school was able to host it. 


"Byron speaks from the heart and does NOT sugar coat anything."  "He presents the information so all the students clearly understand and has many "real life" stories that touched all students and staff to the point of bringing some of them to tears," Roby said. 

"My staff; once again, responded well to Byron's message learning a great deal about ways to be proactive in dealing with potential bullying/harassment issues," Roby added. 

"I want to thank 3M of Knoxville for the opportunity again bring Byron to Twin Cedars."  "3M has a clear understanding of the issues schools deal with daily and want to provide assistance anyway the can."  "I want to especially thank Cory Carr for doing much of the "leg work" to bring Byron back to the area.  Cory is a class act and  is all about helping kids," Roby said.