Journal Express, Knoxville, IA

July 15, 2012

Attack celebrates World Series victory

Steve Woodhouse

Knoxville — Attack, a 12 and under USSSA girls' softball team from Knoxville, won the USSSA C World Series in Kansas City, Mo. Coach Scott Bridges also led up to a hair-shortening promise upon their return. 

Bridges says his team has been working since Jan. 7, when they spent three days a week practicing indoors at the Marion County Extension Building. They have also gained experience and points toward a World Series berth in Ankeny and Beaverdale. 

The World Series tournament began with "pool play," in which 26 teams participated. On the first day, Attack went 2-0. The team remained undefeated on the second day. 

On day three, the team fell to 1-1. From there, they had to play in the losers' bracket to earn another shot to get back into title contention. They won when necessary, then came back and defeated twice the team that handed the team its only loss. 

When the team came back to Knoxville, a parade was organized. Team members rode on Dick Reed's Pirate Ship, while being escorted and followed by the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Knoxville Police Department, Knoxville Fire/Rescue and Knoxville Township Fire Department. The parade was Sunday night. 

At the conclusion of the parade, the team gathered at Bridges' home in Knoxville, where the gracious coach lived up to a promise to have his head shaved into a mohawk. 

"I don't know how it got started," Bridges said of the mohawk deal. When it started getting around to the team, he went along with it. Bridges said he is very proud of his team, and he hopes his hair will grow back before the PCM High School Principal has to return to work in the fall. 

Look for more on Attack's journey to the World Series in an upcoming print edition of the Journal-Express.