The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum is pleased to set its second floor theater schedule for the week of the 51st annual Goodyear Knoxville Nationals, August 8-13.  This year, each day of the week will feature a different theme, including Sanctioning Madness Monday, Spills-n-Thrills Tuesday, Dick Wallen Wednesday, Top Tracks Thursday, Film Festival Favorites Friday, and Super Stars Saturday.




Museum executive director Bob Baker said today, “Thanks to the efforts of museum volunteer Ted Smallwood and curator Tom Schmeh, I think we have a very diverse and exciting line-up of thirty-five (35) films that will be screened in the air-conditioned theater this year.  All but four of the films focus on sprint car racing, and all of them celebrate motorsports.  We would like to thank all of the videographers, especially National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee Dick Wallen, for preserving the history of sprint car racing through their tireless work behind the cameras.”




            The schedule for the theater, located on the second floor, west wing, of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum, is as follows (10 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. daily):




“Sanctioning Madness Monday”, August 8:




10 a.m. - “Open Road:  Inside the National Sprint Tour (NST)” by Dennis Doornbos


10:30 a.m. - “United Racing Club (URC):  The First Fifty Years” by Dale Snyder


11:45 a.m. - “United States Auto Club (USAC):  Fifty Years of Speed & Glory” by Dick Wallen


1:15 p.m. – “World of Outlaws (WoO):  Slingin’ Dirt” by Diamond P Sports


2 p.m. – “Open Wheel Mayhem on Dirt” by Jeff Converse (preview of “Spills-n-Thrills Tuesday”) 




“Spills-n-Thrills Tuesday”, August 9:




10 a.m. - “Up & Over – Volume 1” by Kevin Kjergaard


10:30 a.m. - “Up & Over – Volume 2” by Kevin Kjergaard


11:30 a.m. - “Up & Over – Volume 3” by Kevin Kjergaard


12 Noon - “Up & Over – Volume 4” by Kevin Kjergaard


12:30 p.m. - “Sprint Car Rodeo” by Dick Wallen


1:30 p.m. - “Sprint Car Thrills – Volume 1” by Dick Wallen


2:30 p.m. - “Sprint Car Thrills – Volume 2” by Dick Wallen


3:30 p.m. – “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 7” by Dick Wallen (preview of “Dick Wallen Wednesday”)




“Dick Wallen Wednesday”, August 10:




 10 a.m. - “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 1” by Dick Wallen


 11 a.m. - “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 2” by Dick Wallen


 12 Noon - “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 3” by Dick Wallen


 1 p.m. - “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 4” by Dick Wallen


 2 p.m. - “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 5” by Dick Wallen


 3 p.m. - “Sprint Car Classics – Volume 6” by Dick Wallen




“Top Tracks Thursday”, August 11:




10 a.m. - “Dirt, Sweat & Tears:  History of the Knoxville Nationals” by Brandon Bingham


10:45 a.m. - “History of the Williams Grove Speedway, 1939-65” by Dale Snyder


1 p.m. – “Tribute to the Chico Gold Cup, 1982-2008” by Mike Doyle


3 p.m. – “1932 Legion Ascot” by Dick Wallen


3:45 p.m. – “4-Cylinder 400” by John Finn (preview of “Film Festival Favorites Friday”)




“Film Festival Favorites Friday”, August 12:




10 a.m. - “Follow the Corn:  Traditional Sprint Car Racing in Indiana” by Sean Buckley


11:15 a.m. – “Dirt: A Season Inside the Devil’s Bowl Speedway” by Jeff Bowden


12:45 p.m. – “Racing Dreams” by Marshall Curry


2:15 p.m. – “Touched by an Angell – Story of Angell Park Speedway” by Bob Leff




“Super Stars Saturday”, August 13:




10 a.m. - “The Legends: Brad Doty, Jac Haudenschild & Kenny Jacobs” by Mark Lonsinger


11:15 a.m. – “Steve Kinser – Winners” by Greg Stephens


11:45 a.m. – “Doug Wolfgang – Winners” by Greg Stephens


12:15 p.m. – “The Larry (Dickson) and Gary (Bettenhausen) Show” by Dick Wallen


1:15 p.m. - “The Flying Dutchman, Tommy Hinnershitz” by Dale Snyder


2:30 p.m. – “Harold Leep” by I-Deal Productions




            All of the films are from the archives of the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum, and many can be purchased on-line at

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