Pages from the Past

Steve Kinser wins his eighth Nationals.

75 years ago ...

The Pleasantville School District was weeks away from opening up the new Pleasantville High School. The goal was to open it by Aug. 31 for the 1942-43 school year. Fire destroyed the previous high school in February 1940.

Staff Sgt. John M. Visser was the first glider pilot in Marion County. Glider pilots were assigned to units being formed by the airborne command to carry infantry, light artillery and tanks.

A comment in the Knoxville Express, “Isn’t it a pity that the ragweed can’t be bottled up and showered on our enemies?”

50 years ago ...

The Knoxville Division of the Morman Manufacturing Co. opened. Its manager was Joe Bracy. The business employed 15 people and had eight contractor trucks.

David H. Pohl, who was the Supply Division at Veterans Hospital for 23 years, was promoted to chief of the Personnel Property Management Section of Big Spring, Texas, Veterans Hospital.

25 years ago ...

Steve Kinser won his eighth Knoxville Nationals.

The 1992 Nationals was called one of the best Nationals to date The weather was pleasant and $12-million was pumped into the local economy. More than 50,000 people attended the four days of racing event.

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