Pages From the Past

Lake Red Rock boaters take a break and pull to the shore to sling water balloons at beach-goers.

75 years ago...

A Farm northwest of Knoxville was struck by lightning during a storm. A bolt of lightning struck the south west corner of a barn tearing off a number of boards, then jumped along a hay stacker and hit the north side of the barn where the door was ripped off. Fortunately, none of the hay caught fire in the barn.

A comment was put in the paper from a resident of Knoxville. “There will be no state fair this year, so there is no excuse for anyone staying away from the Marion county fair this year. And it’s all free, too. Jus walk in or drive your car in as many times as you want to and stay as long as the fun lasts.”

Boyd Summy, was a manager of a type writer and adding machine in Knoxville when he burned his arm and leg when oil he was using to clean a machine caused a flash fire. Besides the burns to Summy, damage to the building was minimal with some smoke damage. The fire was put out before help arrived from the Fire Department.

50 years ago...

Marion County Farm Bureau staged a Cookout King Contest. Walter Brown was the winter of the outdoor grilling contest by preparing a leg of lamb. Brown’s entry and win allowed him to compete at the Iowa State Fair. Brown was also an avid gardener.

The Red Rock Dam was in its third stage of construction. There was a mile between the spillway and the Des Moines River during this stage of construction. From the bottom of the earth embankment, the cemented spillway structure resembled a skyscraper.

25 years ago...

A Knoxville youth experimenting with gunpowder sustained injuries when the device backfired on him. The boy sustained cuts to his arms, but was not seriously injured. The juvenile packed gun powder into a glass container then ignited the explosive with a bottle rocket. The explosion caused chards of glass to imbed in his arm.

A group of Lake Red Rock boaters took to the shore for a short stint to launch water balloons into unsuspected crowds of swimmers. The victims did not seem to mind. It was hot.

A car crashed into a downtown business in Knoxville causing around $10,000 in damage. Home Town Meats had a temporary entrance to there business after a four-car accident. A car pulled out of an angled parking spot on the square at a high rate of speed causing the accident.

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