KNOXVILLE — Pages from the Past

75 years ago ...

More than 10,000 acres of beans were to be harvested in the the fall in Marion County. According to the Iowa Crop Reporting Service, Marion County had 110 combines to harvest the fields making only 97 acres per combine to harvest. There was still a problem, out of the 500 soybean growers, nearly 400 do not have combines. They had to make arrangements with combine owners to harvest their fields.

Due to the war, Uncle Sam was in need of scrap metal to make ammunition. Every farm and town in Marion County was visited to secure the hundreds of tons that had yet to be picked up. Big plants throughout the country were looking at a potential shut down due to the lack of iron.

A comment was made to the Journal-Express, “The government is now planning on collecting taxes before they are due on the money you spent before you got it.”

50 years ago ...

Many Knoxville students who graduated from High School in the spring enrolled in college in the fall to continue their education. 64 percent enrolled which was a high percentage than previous years.

The Knoxville Veterans Hospital was the winner of the 21st Annual National Bowlers Victory Legion Bowling Tournament for patients in Division II. The Knoxville Hospital has won the tournament nine times.

25 years ago ...

Tom Edwards Jr. and Tami Shinn of the Knoxville Kiwanis assisted in sorting items donated by local residents to aid the victims of Hurricane Andrew. Donations by the community and and the Knoxville VA were so plentiful, there was enough to fill a furniture delivery truck.

Lake Red Rock held its last big beach party at Whitebreast Park. The free festival offered food, fun and music. Some of the activities were a tug-of-war, sand building contest and volleyball.

3M in Knoxville has done their part to ease the minds of residents by having air pollution control equipment constructed at the plant to lower the level of emissions the factory puts into the air. In the late 80’s, 3M was named as having one of the highest pollution rates in the state.

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