Andy McGuire

Dr. Andy McGuire

Dr. Andy McGuire, the Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party was in Knoxville Wednesday, Oct. 12, to promote candidates around the state in the party as well as stump for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

McGuire said she is an M.D. by training, working in nuclear medicine.

She has been involved in politics since 1995. She has been the chair of the party since 2015, it’s a two-year term.

McGuire put together a to-do-list. On the list was make a personal visit to all 99 counties in the state. 

The other top item on the list was to put together a strong organization everywhere.

“I’m aiming at getting out the vote,”McGuire replied.

Early voting has already started in Iowa. It went into effect back on Sept. 29.

People who are registered can vote by mail or they can stop by their county Auditor’s Office.

“This election is so important. I want people to have their voices heard,” McGuire said.

Iowa has been labeled a swing state in regard to the national presidential election. It’s a toss-up on whether Donald Trump or Clinton will win the six electoral votes that go to the person who wins the state in the general election.

McGuire pointed out in regard to early voting in Marion County, that 1,543 requests had been made by registered Democrats, 2,078 by registered Republicans and 807 by Independents as of mid-October.

According to McGuire “Iowa has a very educated electorate in the state. Again this is one of most important elections.”

She pointed out that Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be the leader of the country. “He’s not a role model. He’s made discouraging remarks against women, the disabled and minorities,” McGuire commented.

“Hillary, on the other hand, is well-qualified to run the country. I trust her to do the best for America and Iowa.”

McGuire was also helping the Democratic Party in the county set up a phone bank to encourage voters to “get out the vote.”

“With the elections being tight in Iowa, every vote makes a difference,” McGuire exclaimed.

McGuire was asked to respond to how Mrs. Clinton, who has proposed infrastructure investment, free college and other program expenditures, would pay for all this given the $20 trillion debt the country already has?

“She would increase taxes on the highest one percent and close loopholes on corporate taxes. She has said she wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, those earning $250,000 or below,” McGuire stated.

Since the Iowa Senate is closely split, are there opportunities for greater bipartisanship that leadership has missed?

“The Senate and House are split. Democrats have tried to put together some compromises, but the two parties need to sit down, especially when it comes to education,” McGuire said.

The election is set for November 8.

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