Duffy and Heartsill

Marty Duffy (left) and Greg Heartsill are seeking to represent Iowa House District 28, which includes most of Marion County. 

Iowa House District 28 candidates Greg Heartsill (R) and Marty Duffy (D) were each campaigning in Pleasantville on Tuesday, Sept. 27. 

Duffy was visiting with five ladies around a table at Smokey Row. Topics of discussion included past teachers and time as a teacher himself. He told the ladies he had come from the Pleasantville Senior Center, where he had played some bingo. Heartsill was also in town to speak to a government class

Marty Duffy at Smokey Row

Marty Duffy is pictured chatting with a group at Smokey Row in Pleasantville on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016. 

When knocking on doors around the district, Duffy said he hears concern from many people regarding the presidential race, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. His primary concern is serving the people of House District 28. 

Heartsill door knocking

Greg Heartsill is pictured preparing to knock on a door in Pleasantville on Sept. 27, 2016. 

Hearsill ran into a similar situation when he knocked on a door Tuesday afternoon. After knocking on other doors, Heartsill got an answer on the fourth try. There, a lady informed him that she was voting for Clinton. Heartsill explained that he is seeking a third term for the District 28 seat in the Iowa House. 

In his approach to meeting people from door-to-door, Heartsill said he likes to first ensure that people intend to exercise their right to vote. Even if they lean Democrat, Heartsill implores them to take part in the election. Many people are disgruntled with the candidates at the top of the ticket, but Heartsill stresses the importance of voting - even if it is just in the down-ballot races, such as his. 

"I'm a guy who can work with both (parties)," Duffy, a Republican-turned-Democrat added. "That's why I'm running." 

Meanwhile, part of Heartsill's porch presentation to voters includes the successes he has had in the House thus far, including the passage of bills he's sponsored to combat human trafficking. 

Both candidates shared their desire to represent the district, and do the best job that they can. 

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