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Congressman Steve King visited Central Iowa on Tuesday to not only introduce Gov. Mike Pence, but to share some thoughts on Hillary Clinton, as well as some of his fellow Republicans. 

King told the crowd gathered at Des Moines Area Community College in Newton that he told GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump in July that he was "all in" for Trump's candidacy. Celebrity gossip show "Access Hollywood" released an 11-year-old tape in which Trump makes inappropriate comments about women, prior to Sunday's second debate between Trump and Clinton. 

“I haven't heard much discussion about the debate because it's all been about the tape," King said. King shared his admiration for Trump for apologizing and for participating in the debate, despite the level of animosity aimed at him. 

King went on to describe Trump's reaction to a second question about the tape at the debate. Instead of discussing the tape again, Trump instead brought the conversation to the Islamic State. 

“He brought us back to the task at hand," King said. Trump also mentioned Kathy Shelton, who was 12 years old in the 1970s when she was raped. Clinton successfully defended the man accused of the crime, and a tape exists in which she is allegedly laughing about the victory. 

King further attacked Clinton, regarding the FBI's investigation into her private server and praised Trump's debate performance, including Trump's indication that he would have Clinton in jail if he was in office. King believes that the "spring and bounce" Trump could have gained from the debate was undone when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan publicly stated on Monday that he would no longer support Trump. 

“He could have just gone ahead and not done what he said he would," King said of Ryan. 

King went on to remind the crowd of what is at stake in the election, and possible outcomes from Clinton presidency would include. He encouraged the crowd to protect the Constitution. 

“The Constitution has to mean what it was understood to mean at the time of its adoption,” King said. “It is the foundation for the United States of America."

Steve Woodhouse is the Editor of the Knoxville Journal-Express. He can be reached at

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