The Marion County Farm Bureau put on an Ag in the classroom even at the National Guard Armory in Knoxville recently and welcomed fourth graders from across Marion County.

Students from the Knoxville School District, Pella, Pella Christian, and Twin Cedars School District all participated in the annual event that was held Feb. 28.

Students rotated between eight different stations to learn about subjects like water and soil quality, farming, ethanol, animals and more. Each station was led by volunteers, including Karen Adams, Melissa Septer, Nathan Rahe, Kelly Schloss, Wendy Peffers, Bellana Putz, Brice Loonan, Heather Bandstra, Lindsay Jansen, Mike Moats, Mike Finarty, Den Kearney and Lauren Peterson.

In a statement from Marion County Farm Bureau, Director David Van Rheenen said “Farmers make up about two percent of Iowa’s population but about 27 percent of the state production in terms of job production and the economy in general. A lot of people depend on what we do in the fields for their livelihood here in the state—everything from production to food manufacturing to transportation.”

Marion County Farm Bureau president Darin Botkin added, “This annual event for area fourth graders helps reinforce the importance of agriculture to the vitality of our local communities and across Iowa. Thanks to our county board of directors and a host of volunteer presenters, we can help get that message out to our next generation. This is especially important as the number of active farm families decreases and many of us are further removed from day-to-day farming and ranching.”

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