Connie Blommers

Connie Blommers

One of the best parts of the holiday party season is the popular beverage that is often served - the punch. It is believed that the name punch originated from the Hindi word for five since traditional punch had five ingredients. Interestingly, this popular slushy punch also has five ingredients. No one will ever guess it is reduced in calories.


Two .3 oz packages sugar free gelatin (red or green are nice for Christmas)

2 cups boiling water

2 cups cold water

One 12 oz can frozen lemonade concentrate

One 48 oz can unsweetened pineapple juice

One 48 oz bottle diet lemon-lime carbonated beverage

Pour boiling water over gelatin, stirring until dissolved. Add cold water, lemonade and pineapple juice. Pour into a gallon container (an empty ice cream bucket works well) and freeze until firm. Three hours before serving, remove from freezer and allow to soften a little at room temperature. Put into punch bowl, breaking up with a sharp knife and pour diet soda over frozen mixture. Stir to form slush.

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