Shane Smith and Wes Deaver

Shane Smith, owner of Aussie Agencies, shakes hands with Wes Deaver after acquiring Deaver Insurance. Deaver is retiring after 40 years of business.

After 40 years of business, Wes Deaver of Deaver Insurance decided it was time to retire. The 86-year old sold his business to Shane Smith, owner of Aussie Agencies on August 28.

Smith and Deaver had been negotiating the deal for over a year. When an agreement was settled upon, Aussie Agencies acquired all active business from Deaver Insurance. Smith says this brought 300 additional accounts to his agency, doubling his business in size.

Smith is currently in the process of alerting all of Deaver’s former clients that their accounts have now moved to Aussie Agencies. While he is in the final steps of drafting a letter to send to clients, Smith says word of mouth in Knoxville is amazing and has already reached many people.

Although many of his new clients had been insured through Deaver Insurance for many years, Smith says everyone will be well looked after at Aussie Agencies.

An Australia native, Smith came to the United States 15 years ago. He opened Aussie Agencies four years ago, after previously selling insurance at Wells Fargo and Farm Bureau. Since opening the business, Aussie Agencies has built a client-base of 306 accounts. With the purchase of Deaver Insurance, the number is now over 600.

Through the acquisition of Deaver Insurance, Aussie Agencies were able to acquire additional insurance carriers. Some of the carriers they offer to clients include Grinnell Mutual, Progressive, Traveler’s, Danish Mutual and Marion County Mutual. Smith says Aussie Agencies has enough carriers that he is able to give clients a good price on their insurance.

Aussie Agencies is a completely independent insurance agency. They offer property, auto and commercial insurance to their clients, as well as notary services free of charge. Their office is located in Suite A of 1249 W Larson St. in Knoxville.

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