The ballots have been set for the upcoming city elections, taking place on Tuesday, November 5.

Seats for city councils across the Marion County are open, as well as the position of mayor in each city. Those elected into city council positions will serve four years, while those elected mayor will serve two-year terms.

In Knoxville, six candidates are running for three open city council seats. Candidates include Jerrold Jordan, Michael Conner, Jr., John Gotta, Jyl DeJong, Justin Plum and Scott Ziller. Gotta is currently serving on the council, replacing former council member Cal Stephens, who resigned in July. Current city council members Rick Kingery and James Lane are not seeking reelection.

In the Knoxville mayoral race, current mayor Brian Hatch is running unchallenged.

Pleasantville has three city council seats available this election cycle. Three candidates are running for the seats of incumbent city council members Aaron Hurt, Pamela Bull and Steve Marsh. Those on the ballot include Carol Allen, Kody Jurgens and Kyle Patterson.

Current city council member Steve Marsh is running unchallenged in the Pleasantville mayoral race.

Melcher-Dallas also has three city council seats available. Five candidates are vying for the openings, including incumbent city council members Terry Fisher and David Ernst. They are joined on the ballot by Seth Williams, Bradley Branson and Mark Moon. Current council member Robert Robbins is not seeking reelection.

Three candidates are competing for mayoral position in Melcher-Dallas. Current mayor Barbara Verwers-VanWyk is seeking reelection. She is challenged by candidates Louis Karpan and Collin Hyatt.

In Bussey, three candidates are running for three open city council seats. Incumbent council members Wade Bonnett and Stephen Finch are seeking reelection, as well as new candidate William Greatbatch. Current council member John Price is not seeking reelection.

Larry Pinegar, the current Mayor of Bussey, is running for reelection unchallenged.

The city of Harvey has five city council positions open, with five candidates putting their names on the ballot. Incumbent council members Martin Heaton, Jamie Vander Veer and Sue VerMeer are seeking reelection. Also on the ballot are Lyle Koons and Leonard Geery. Current council members Charles Evans and Tyler Geery are not seeking reelection.

The current Mayor of Harvey, Dennis Seibert, is unchallenged for the mayoral position.

The city of Swan has five city council positions available. One candidate, Bob Harding, is running for the position. No other names were officially submitted for the city council or mayoral positions in Swan.

The cities of Hamilton and Marysville have no candidates in either the city council and mayoral elections. Hamilton has five positions available on the city council and one position open for mayor, with all terms lasting two years. Marysville has three city council and one mayoral seat available, with terms lasting four years and two years, respectively.

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