Birthright Donation

Steven Everly presents the proceeds from the showing of “Unplanned” to a volunteer at Birthright of Knoxville.

Birthright of Knoxville was presented with a donation by Steven Everly, after he rented out The Grand Theatre for a showing of the movie “Unplanned.”

Over the summer, Everly, with the help of T. Waldmann-Williams and local churches and ministers, rented out the movie theater for three days. Everly also rented the movie “Unplanned,” which was shown four different times over the course of June 23-25.

Everly says that after seeing the movie earlier this year with his wife and daughter, he was profoundly impacted and wanted to share the movie with the Knoxville community. After meeting with members of the theater’s board, Everly was able to bring “Unplanned” to Knoxville.

Because the movie was not on the list of showings by The Grand, Everly and those involved took a free-will donation to cover costs of the theater and movie rental. The rest of the money raised would go to benefit Birthright of Knoxville.

Everly says that from the beginning of this project, he knew he wanted to donate the money raised to Birthright, which focuses on offering love and support to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

“Unplanned” is a pro-life movie following the story of a Planned Parenthood director who becomes a pro-life activist.

Throughout the four showings of “Unplanned,” approximately 325-350 people of all ages came to watch the movie. Everly says the free-will donation raised over $1,600.

“It was a community effort,” Everly said. “The theater couldn’t have been more gracious.”

Everly presented the money raised to Birthright of Knoxville on October 2.

Birthright has been in Knoxville since May 1986. The organization is operated solely by volunteers and depends on donations such as Everly’s to stay in business.

The money donated to Birthright of Knoxville will help the organization with operational costs and everyday expenses.

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