The Marion County Board of Supervisors approved a special event application for the Harvey Assembly of God at their regularly scheduled meeting on July 23.

The Harvey Assembly of God submitted a special event application to hold a fundraiser, which was approved by the board. The church will sell water during the Nationals parade as a mission trip fundraiser. The money raised from the fundraiser will help send members from the congregation on a mission trip to South Africa within the next year.

The board also approved the appointment of new officers to the Marion County Sheriff’s Reserve Peace Officers. The new officers are Nathan Pritchard, Troy Hensley, Brandon Vanderleest, Mollie Simondale, Luke Bachman, Austyn Pember and Ethan Senn.

Mark Raymie, Board of Supervisors Chairman, also gave an update on the VA project. Raymie said the project is still moving forward as those working closely on it wait for a response from the State Historic Preservation Office, SHPO, for a response in regard to a mitigation letter.

“The city of Knoxville and Marion County put together what we believe is a fair mitigation proposal,” said Raymie.

The city and county proposed preserving 11,000 square feet of buildings on the VA property. SHPO originally wanted to preserve 200,000 square feet of buildings, but city and county representatives said that was not a feasible option.

Raymie is hoping to receive a letter from the GSA, General Services Administration, this week that will support the city and county’s argument of preserving 11,000 square feet of buildings.

“I think we’re headed in the right direction,” said Raymie. “We are a lot closer than we have been over the last several years.”