Howell Station and Ivans campgrounds are scheduled to reopen on June 11. These areas were closed as a precautionary measure but were not inundated so flooding or dam safety was not a factor.

The South Tailwater Recreation Area and Howell Station Landing are currently open. Boat ramps currently usable for lake access include those at the Whitebreast Recreation Area, Marina Cove and Elk Rock State Park, just off Highway 14. Please note that parking areas at the Marina Cove ramp are very limited during times of high water. All other boat ramps on the lake are closed due to high water levels. The North Tailwater Recreation Area continues to be closed due to construction on the hydropower project.

Boaters: A line of buoys has been placed on the lake approximately a half-mile west of the dam. No boats will be allowed beyond the buoy line for safety reasons. This restricted zone includes the lake area around the North Overlook Beach.