The deadline for self-nomination forms for the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Board has passed, and between now and the board’s next meeting, Oct. 16, the nominating committee will be seeking to recruit other nominees.

The Chamber’s bylaws specify that a nominating committee, consisting of a member at large, a community member, a business representative and a current board member, are tasked with going out to seek potential board members. Chamber Board President Lori Bailey said the goal is to have a full ballot, with nominees representing a variety of businesses and interests around town. The example she gave is that if there are four seats up for election, the Chamber wants more than four names on the ballot. The decision as to whose names will appear on the ballot is left to the nominating committee.

“We have to have people who are a good fit,” Bailey said. She added that she is of the belief that if someone takes the time to return a self-nomination, thus demonstrating interest in doing their part, he or she should be on the ballot.

If you are interested in serving on the Chamber Board, but missed the self-nomination deadline, contact a nominating committee member. They include Brian Hatch, Todd Chambers, David Hoke and Pat Kading.

Names will be presented to the Chamber Board at the Oct. 16 meeting. After that, ballots will be distributed to Chamber members for the vote. Chamber bylaws limit board members to two terms. Terms for Craig Mobley and Randy Chambers will expire in December, and both have served two terms. Marilyn Miller’s term is also up in December, but is eligible to seek reelection. The term for those elected will begin Jan. 1, 2014.

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