Knoxville Police Chief Dan Losada discussed details of citywide initiative Operation Clean Sweep at the City Council meeting on Monday.

The goal of Operation Clean Sweep is to improve the appearance of properties in Knoxville by identifying issues and raising property owners’ awareness.

Knoxville’s two community service officers will visit every property in town beginning June 10. They will look for issues relating to mowing and vegetation, junk or garbage in yards and abandoned vehicles.

Door hangers will be left at each property following inspection, either stating the property meets approval or asking owners to do some work. Property owners asked to complete work will be given a time frame based on the amount to do. Through Operation Clean Sweep, the police department hopes to identify properties with no issues, properties with some issues and vacant properties.

With events such as Knoxville Nationals quickly approaching, city officials are hoping to improve the town’s appearance in preparation.

“We want the town to have its best face forward,” said Losada. “If this works, this might be an annual or biannual event in the future. We’ll just see how things go this first year and go forward from there.”

Questions relating to Operation Clean Sweep can be directed to the community service officers at the Knoxville Police Department.