The first annual Knoxville Community Prayer Walk, held on September 8, was a major success.

“I am amazed at how the community continues to pour out support for good causes, but I am not shocked by this,” said co-organizer Tyler Pearson. “Knoxville is notorious for getting behind each other for events like the Prayer Walk. I love the variety of people who came together as a community of believers.

Pearson says the event was attended by over 240 people from 18 different churches, with those in attendance having a variety of ages and backgrounds.

“We’ve heard so many incredible ‘God moments’ from walkers — how they felt God’s presence during the walk and ever since the event, and how they enjoyed walking alongside other believers, some who they had never met until that day, for a common purpose,” said co-organizer Kevin Stittsworth.

Stittsworth added, “It was confirmation that God is working in Knoxville. What I love about my hometown is that we have people who are passionate about ensuring that our community thrives. It’s exciting to see the mountains God will move in the coming year! Anything is possible when we are all united in prayer for our community.”

Although the event has come and gone for the year, there are still opportunities to stay involved with the Community Prayer Walk. Weekly prayer requests will be shared every Sunday on social media for the entire Knoxville community to uphold in prayer.

The weekly prayer requests are an easy and impactful opportunity for every Knoxville Panther to unite as one body and strengthen the community by focusing prayers on one specific topic for the upcoming week. The hope is that this will help everyone stay accountable and continue momentum until next year’s Prayer Walk.

The Knoxville Community Prayer Walk will post updates on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. They can be found under the name @knoxvilleprayerwalk.

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